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Things you should know About Penomet Pump

The penomet pump is easy to use and anyone can learn how to properly use it in just a few minutes! The pump have been around for years and have a ton of great reviews from thousands of happy guys (and their gals:)). If you are ready for a bigger penis with more girth and length the penomet pump is the product you need. Buy it now and get up to $160 off, it doesn’t get much better!

Why Penomet, what makes it the best penis pump?

Guys, this is a revolutionary scientifically proven, safe and effective penis enlargement pump! After extensive research and testing Penomet offers a highly effective water assisted pump which uses the interchangeable Gaiter System. The system  helps to safely and comfortable increase the pressure used and enlarge the size of your penis.  Never before a penis enlargement pump has had the ability to achieve visible results is a s little as 15 minutes! This amazing device can help any man increase the length of his member by up to 3 inches and  30% girth.  All you have to do is a few simple exercises ( every purchase comes with a digital exercises handbook and printed instructional booklet made by experts) that take literally minutes. Getting the bigger, stronger, longer penis you and you partner wants has never been so quick and effortless. It can be used in the shower, bathtub or just by its own as a conventional pump. It’s build quality is unmatched – the main cylinder is made from high quality poly-carbonate plastics and the gaiters are made from medical grade silicon.

How does the Penomet Pump Works ?

The pump should be used with water. Using a conventional air vacuum penis enlargement pumps  compresses and expands air without enlarging the penis equally resulting in enlargement of some areas but not others. The revolutionary pump overcomes this by problem by using water and delivers equal pressure and volume  inside the cylinder. It comes with 5 interchangeable gaiters which allow you to gradually increase the pressure and achieve gains up to 65% faster than devices with just 1 gaiter setting.

What types of pumps are available ?

Right now they offer 3 packages – Standard, Extra and the top of the line with all the bells and whistles Premium. Each of these can be purchased in 6 different colors.

Is it hard to use?

The device has been made with consumer ease-to-use in mind. It’s simple and straightforward, just follow these 4 steps :

  • Choose a detachable pressure gaiter – it is suggest to start with the Purple 60 or the one you have with the lowest setting
  • Attach the gaiter to the main cylinder
  • Place the Penomet pump over your penis and pump it a couple of time until a  vacuum seal is created
  • Re-pump every few minutes as needed for 15-20 minutes
    And that’s all it is! Simple and effective. When done just press the valve at the end of the cylinder to release the pressure and remove it.

What about warranty and/or a money back guarantee?

The team who makes it is so confident in the high end materials they use and build quality that hey offer the best warranty in the business – 3 years! Also all gaiters come with lifetime replacement ( please have in mind that this is void if a non-water based cleaning solution is used on the device or gaiters this will void your warranty and free gaiter replacement cover) . As to money back guarantee – every device comes with full 60 (sixty) days money back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied just contact the team to arrange a return.

How about help with Peyronies Disease?

Yes! Penomet is suitable for people with Peyronies Disease where the curvature is less them 20 degrees.

penomet pump

Certifications and Awards

Backed by years of real-life, real users testing, Penomet pump has won multiple awards through the years and the 2 most prestigious are the Best New Male Enhancement Device and the Venus Awards for the Best New Product 2013.

As to certificates it has been awarded certification as an RoHS Class 1 Product, ISO 900:2008 , ISO 13485:2003 and also CE marking.

Still not convinced Penomet is the best penis enlargement pump of there? Check these testimonials from real users from the USA taken straight from the website.

penomet review

When it comes to penis enlargement pumps the Penomet pump is a great choice. Backed by years of research and raving reviews from thousands of happy customers in the USA and all over the World, the Penomet have been and still is one of the most affordable yet effective penis pumps on the market! The current $160 OFF deal makes it an almost  mus have for anyone who wants more length and more girth. Get the pump now by clicking on the linky above to take advantage of this unbeatable price!

Best deal on Penomet Pump

It all revolves around vacuum technology and through the assistance of water; a vacuum can be created around the penis shaft which ultimately expands the tissues of the organ. In comparison to competing products, the unique selling point of Penomet is the use of water. This allows the vacuum to distribute completely even pressure around the penis and therefore make growth more efficient. Other products merely take advantage of air to create the vacuum and this is considerably less effective. Will Penomet work for you? At the time of writing, all of the evidence suggests that Penomet will work for you and anyone else who tries it. The aqua based vacuum science is convincing in itself, but the customer reviews perhaps provide a more telling argument. It’s here that we see some of the real results in which Penomet can provide. For example, one man used the product for three months and has added half an inch to his size. Using less or too much pressure affects the results of your penile growth goals. You need to know how much pressure you’re using to know you’re on the right path. Consider where you’ll mostly be using the penis pump. Some pumps are specially designed to be used in open air, or in the shower. Some pumps may also need batteries. Choose the pump suitable in your private place. Do not go for the cheap ones. It’s better to spend a little more dime than to settle for crappy pumps which will also cost you severe damage to your penis in the long run. Be sure to get the results of what you have paid for. Know your size and find products that are suitable for you. Don’t go for anything too big or anything too small. It is also wise to consider how the benefits are delivered along its cost. The accounting term for this is cost-benefit ratio which means that what you pay for should deliver the results you have been looking for in the pump. How Much Does a Vacuum Constriction Device Cost? If you have reached this point, pretty sure you are very interested in getting one.

Penomet is a revolutionary premium penis pump device that uses a unique, innovative interchangeable Gaiter System that allows the user to adapt. Penomet for the optimum comfort, pull, pressure and results. This penis pump is unlike any other pump of its kind on the market thanks to its gaiter system that allows for a wide breadth of exercises to be undertaken to achieve some impressive gains in length and girth! Penomet is a revolutionary new penis enlargement product – conceived by industry experts – created to offer a unique, powerful and proven method of enlarging your penis. Penomet is a penis pump that has evolved to offer consumers exactly what they want; this has resulted in the creation of an unrivalled penis pump that literally leaves every other competitor device in the shadows! Penomet has won numerous awards over the years and this year in 2013 we are proud to accept two awards from Germany. Not only does the Penomet inflate your penis better than any penis pump I’ve previously used, but I’ve also found it to do so remarkably quickly and in a pretty fool proof, ultra-safe way. The most obvious difference between a traditional ‘dry’ vacuum pump and the Penomet is that the pump cylinder is designed to be filled with water. This water is then displaced inside the cylinder just as air is drawn out of a traditional penis pump in order to draw higher volumes of blood into the penis. Now, using water instead of air this might not seem like such a significant change; but in practice I’ve found it offers a tremendous advantage. Firstly, it feels extremely good. Secondly – and most importantly – the warm water really limbers up your penis and encourages significant extra blood flow even before pressure is increased. And thanks to this ‘warming up’ effect on the penile tissues, I found I was able to inflate my penis to well over an extra inch in length and diameter in just 10 minutes or so.

You could be on your way to enjoying incredible, safe gains with the Penomet pump over a short period. 1: So, just what is a Penomet? Penomet is an alternative to older, uncomfortable dry vacuum penis pumps. The Penomet consists of a main body that’s filled with water, to provide a more comfortable environment for your penis, with a gaiter on the base to provide pressure that enlarges the penis. 2: Why is a Penomet better than a traditional vacuum pump? It may seem that the Penomet is a worse deal, as it is more expensive than traditional pumps. However, dry vacuum penis pumps are far less comfortable, and can provide uneven pressure on the penis. In some cases, this has lead to temporary or even permanent injury to the sensitive organ in question! Penomet is more comfortable and less risky to use, so it is definitely a better choice. It is just a general statement which was just ideal for me. On using it for two months, my permanent penis grew to be 6.5 inches (0.7 inches gain). It is always easy to increase the first inch. The new users will be able to reach there without putting in much effort. But, it will be a bit tricky to increase the second inch, mainly the second part, would be the trickiest. Today, after 8 months, the size of my penis is 7.2 inches (with an increase of 1.4 inch). The lengths mentioned above are the lengths at erected position. The flaccid size was even more than this but the measurement is a bit difficult. The process was easier since Penomet was used more or less daily, which, according to me is the fastest progression so far. You do not need to rush or perform any aggressive exercises (though I sometimes do the same). Penomet should be bought only from its Official Website. There is a number of fake and scam offers provided by the resellers. As previously mentioned, there is no coupon or discount code applicable for the product and there is no provision to enter the same in the process of checkout. It is a one-time investment, but yields benefits in the long run besides providing reliable support, and lifetime warranty for the replacement of gaiter for all its packages. There are many cheap and low-quality pumps available in the market which will leak and are unable to hold sufficient pressure. The Bathmate pump can be a very good alternative to this. It was available in the market long before Penomet but is a bit different.

2. Gaiter Strength – The Bathmate Hydromax X30 only offers one gaiter strength, while the Penomet offers 5 gaiters (premium version only). This is advantageous because it is best to start at a low pressure gaiter when using it the first few weeks. However, using the strongest gaiter on the Penomet was equivalent in strength to the Bathmate. How Long Does It Take To Deliver? In my case it took a bit longer than expected, because I had moved in between the time I ordered it, and the time it was shipped. It arrived at my original address within 3 days of placing my order, but like I said I was out of there at that point. I won’t get into why I didn’t originally have it shipped to my original address, but I had to have Fedex change the delivery address (which they did at no charge), and got it within a day or so. The simple answer is it takes about 3 – 5 business days from the date you order it. And of course as always shipping is discreet.

An abundance of men have tried it and after some time those people thought far better at this wonderful point. The particular Bathmate penile send provides the length of Wang totally not just in length but also wide so as to delight in one’s personal instances much more politely. Through getting delighted, some people have established their Bathmate assessment on the personal website and also occasion Size Genetics evaluation. In future also Bathmate will provide many things like this particular for males to offer their own manhood a lot more altitudes. Larger is much better, this can be the thinking of many adult males and in addition they ponder over it inside anything. The actual Penomet male organ send is a nickels developing item, which is quite critical innovation with this sector. It’s also possible to consider penomet hydro water pump for producing the penis larger. Lots of people are utilizing the item for additional special supportive moments. You can see sizing genes link between penomet pump which might be really so great and also beneficial for many their clients. Many people on earth don’t understand the hydro pumps, yet which learn they may be constantly getting decided here that this is quite good product or service for guys. Men and women penomet critique is excellent and so they first got it very essential invention because of their personalized lifestyle. Today many people are conscious this kind of technique is made available in the market, which are thus important for his or her existence. This particular is the time that you should test it and earn the intimate existence more warm.

Comfort Strap – The comfort strap is designed to be used in the shower, and it basically holds the Penomet Pump in place so that you can go about your normal shower routine. I only used it a handful of times, as I like to use it when I’m in the tub, making it unnecessary. One thing I noticed about the comfort strap is that it tends to affect the seal, making it harder to pump effectively. It took a few shots for me to get it just right. How Do You Use The Penomet Pump? The directions are very simple. Simply attach your preferred gaiter (beginners should start with the lowest possible force setting), and fill the unit with water or submerge in your bathtub and insert your penis in the cylinder. Carefully pump the Penomet toward your groin area until a vacuum seal is created. Repeat this process every 2 – 5 minutes, and wear for no longer than 20 min. 24 hour time period.

Even Force 60 (purple) didn’t lose any single drop of water. Another thing that truly impressed me was the amount of hot water remain the same though my session. The heated water in this air-tight and water-tight pump allows the proper circulation of blood that make penis stronger and longer. The design is like it created personally for my own penis and my penis responded well all though the session. The inner edge is very sharp and within 5 minutes I start feeling pain and discomfort. I even can’t manage to wear Force 60 (purple) for longer than 5 minutes. After my first session (which was average) I take some time off from pumping and start browsing sites and forum for its remedy. One of my online friends told me to used shaving razor for trimming the inner edge to create 0.125 radius. After applying his technique WOW! I can wear any of these gaiters for longer than 5 minutes without causing any pain or discomfort.

Note: This is just a review. Penis Enlargement/Engorgement devices have taken the market by storm recently, and there seems to be no signs that it will be slowing down any time soon. I was never a big fan of vacuum based pumps, namely because of their potential for bruising and other side effects. With the introduction of water based pumps, however, it seems that many of the main issues with air vacuums have been solved by using water based systems instead. One recent water based PE pump I tried recently is called the Penomet device, which I have personally tested. Read my review below to learn more. What is The Penomet Hydro Pump? Similar to other penis enlargement pumps, the Penomet device is scientifically proven, water based, power free pump designed to help enlarge/engorge the penis. It uses the theory of vacuum therapy, but instead of using air it uses water. Check out the following features to see the new addition in this evolution. New Bellow Pump – This is one of the great additions in the X-series as it is 35% more powerful than the Original series. It is stronger, more durable and more flexible while providing a great suction with less effort. New Removable Comfort Pad – For a more comfortable experience, this feature is added. This helps you achieve a more convenient seal against the body. Thus, less pumping is needed and there is less loss of suction. Its soft-touch outer edge feels great against the body while the strong inner tube offers a strong protection from the inside of the bellows. The comfort pads are removable for easy cleaning. New Superflow Latch Valve – Bathmate considers this change as the most technical and challenging to implement, but the company nailed it. The newly re-engineered latch valve can now be close to prevent water leakage during filling, which makes it very convenient to use. Thanks to this feature we can now use one hand during filling.

The suction gaiters can be replaced without the need to purchase another penis pump altogether. 2. It has the longest after-duration of length, size and girth; 4-6 hours. 3. With minimal compression force applied along your penis, Penomet achieves maximum expansion rates. 4. There is very little discomfort even when more water is forced into the Penomet. The higher the hydro froce vacuum the more your penis is encouraged to expand. 5. The more you use this excellent penis pump the bigger your blood vessels become. This means increased blood flow to your penile tissues and therefore harder and longer erections. You use it in the shower or bathtub so you can use the water to power the hydro pump. You can still use it without water. Fill it with hot or warm water, place it over your penis and press against your body so the suction gaiters stick against your hips. The silicon gaiter is strong enough to hold the whole pump against your body even without you holding it in place. Basically, the water produces the vacuum which softly stretches the penis uniformly in length and width. As the pressure is improved, fresh blood comes and can make the penis bigger. After standard use, new muscular areas are being produced as it has to compensate the extending the Penomet has attained. Your penis will not merely grow bigger, but additionally stronger, which makes it simpler to penetrate and quench your your partner. Penis pumps are effective penis boosters for most a year, but Penomet has moved one step additional. It uses a water helped method to make the pumping method much more efficient and make your penis grow at a speed that is exceptional for this business. When we speak about these exceptional lengths, we’re talking about the potential to add three inches to the manhood. With 30% raises in girth also been known, your capability in the bedroom will require a turn for the amazing and you can perform at amounts that weren’t ever achievable before.

Penomet is a penis enlargement product that is presented as “revolutionary,” according to its manufacturer. It is actually a penis pump that works to provide you with a safe and comfortable method to enhance the size of your sexual organ. Any adult can totally relate to the issue of penis size, as it can be considered a very crucial factor in determining a man’s sexual performance. While others may say that size does not matter, well, a higher percentage of the male population will definitely say otherwise. Penomet claims to help you achieve a desirable effect even just within 15 minutes of using it. Your penis size will be increased by up to 3 inches in terms of length, and 30% in thickness or girth. Penomet is distributed by a company named Arctic Sea Limited. Who Is Penomet For? Penomet can be used by male adults who are dealing with a small penis size or those who want to increase their organ’s length even more. The result can be temporarily seen after each use of the product, and permanent gains can actually be experienced with prolonged and consistent use.

Penomet comes with 5 different gators

If your penis size is more than 7.5 inches, consider Penomet or the X50. Remember that beginners gain their first inch very quickly, and you want this pump to be a long-term investment. For an average penis size (5 to 7 inches), any pump will suit you. Both pumps are more expensive with the stronger gaiters. That is because that extra strength provides room for long-term growth. If you have the money, we recommend you invest in a stronger gaiter. However, if you do not want to spend extra money, you will find that the standard gaiters are just as strong and will still provide great results for beginners and intermediates. 200 mark (for a bigger pump of similar strength, you will need to pay more). 197. You get strong gaiters for the lowest price. Later, you could buy additional gaiters for more force. After trying out both pumps, I found that the maximum pressure for Penomet (with the premium red “Force 80” gaiter) is similar to the maximum pressure with Hydromax.

The main difference is how many gaiters (pumps) of different strengths are included. The Standard edition only comes with 1 gaiter. The Extra edition comes with 3 gaiters. The Premium edition comes with 5 different gaiter forces. More gaiters give you more control and power over the strength of the water pumped into the tube. You can follow an exercise routine that alternates the gaiters on different days to maximize the pressure while planning an adequate recovery for your penis tissue. Penomet has a free sample routine on their website and the complete version included in your package. The 5th gaiter (shown in the photo at the left), “Force 80“, included in the Premium edition is the strongest pressure available and is a MUST have if you want to be using Penomet in the long run. The official Penomet website does not sell the gaiter separately, and weaker gaiters will only take you so far. This isn’t a “temporary” measure either, that extra half an inch will stay with him for life. As well as similar testimonials, a lot of men will also be quick to bask praise on the product for its ease of use, with many saying that the introduction of water made the vacuum process much more comfortable. Penomet has won the Best Penis Pump of the year three times in a row. 2014 – Pictures from Berlin’s Venus Gala Dinner. Does Penomet have side effects? Due to the fact that Penomet does not rely on air pressure, there have been no side effects recorded with the product. To take advantage of further gaiters, and potentially increase your size even more, Penomet Extra and Penomet Premium should be considered. 297 / £197 respectively, which is certainly a small price to pay for that added self-confidence in the bedroom, considering the pricey alternatives of course. Any “exercise” contraption in the penis enhancement field is interesting, but the use of water makes Penomet particularly impressive. In comparison to rival products, this is certainly one of the more comfortable ones on the market and as it offers both short-term and long-term size gains, it’s something that we’re going to thoroughly recommend to the marketplace. George Allen – Author – An AFPA Certified holistic and preventative nutrition professional.

Penis pumps have been around for years used in the medical world aiding men who have difficulty achieving erections. The first penis pumps available are air vacuum penis pumps. Later, hydro penis pumps or pumps based on water pressure were introduced in the market as a penis enlargement devices. Although, penis pumping existed for years, it is still often a misunderstood means of increasing penis size. Hopefully, the information presented here will enlighten many individuals about penis pumping. In this article, we are going to cover various types of penis pumps, how it works, and how to pick the right pump for penis enlargement purposes. Penis pumps are very effective when it comes to achieving permanent gains provided it is use along with proven routine. Typically, routines provided by the manufacturers are good enough to get started. There are two popular penis pumps available today, Bathmate and Penomet. Both pumps are water-based or hydro penis pumps. When it comes to air vacuum pumps, there are many available designed with excellence and quality in mind while others are not that much especially when it comes to effectiveness. The concept of penis pump is to create an air vacuum for air vacuum pumps allowing the penis to expand filling up the air being removed. On the other hand, hydro pumps produced its vacuum by spilling out water, and the same concept as the air vacuum, the penis expand filling up the spilled water. Penis pumping when done consistently and appropriately are proven over the course of many years delivering permanent penis enlargement gains. However, while many have achieved great results, others may not.

The valves system to release the water on the Penomet looks less stable (cheap plastic) when compared to the Hercules, but the gaiters of different strength are great. Despite that, I love the Penomet pump and would still give it four stars. I was a little bit worried that the Penomet will be too big for my penis (it is only 5 inches), but it turned out as the perfect choice for me. I wanted to buy a long term product that I will not outgrow, so I was not interested in the smaller pumps. The pump creates great suction and holds the pressure very well. It is a little heavy since it is pretty big, but as long as I am holding it, everything is fine. The Red gaiter is sooo powerful I love it. I don’t know about other pumps, but you have to trim your pubes right before use. Once they grow, even a little bit, the pressure is significantly less. Weak gaiters still work though since they do not require great suction. Free Express Shipping Singapore Wide! Click Here To order Penomet at a discount price from Official Website. The increasingly popular Penompet penis pump is not just aesthetic and simple to use, it is 100% effective. The suction gaiters are even more comfy than any other brand’s. Water based penis pumps (hydro pumps) like Penompet have proven to be more effective than air based ones. The heat in the water works through the pump to relax and expand your blood vessels. This means no warm-up or warm-down processes like you may have experienced with other pumps. The length, girth and size of the penis increases and lasts longer, upto 4-6 hours from first use. There is more oxygenated blood flow to the penis and such improved blood flow means stronger erections. There are several colors, but the simple transparent colorless one is best so you can see results clearly. 1. Being the largest water based penis pump, it is suitable for any penis size. It is also the most upgradeable.

The first one is temporary which involves immediate enlargement which isn’t long lasting and disappears once pumping stops or if the ring is taken off. The second one is the permanent enlargement as a result of continuous use of a pump. Thousands of men who achieved their goals of having a bigger penis and harder erections generally use the pumps regularly every day. As a reminder, do not expect that the growth will be noticeably large in the first few weeks. Keep in mind that using the pumps for penis enlargement can be likened to a muscle workout. What Are The Benefits in Using Penis Pumps? If the gains mentioned above do not convince you to get a dick pump, then probably you have to learn the different benefits it offers. These devices use medical concepts and have been tested in clinics and laboratories, in terms of efficiency and safety. Doctors view the penial pump or Vacuum Erection Devices — as a safe, effectual, cost-effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Getting the bigger, stronger, longer penis you and you partner wants has never been so quick and effortless. It can be used in the shower, bathtub or just by its own as a conventional pump. It’s build quality is unmatched – the main cylinder is made from high quality poly-carbonate plastics and the gaiters are made from medical grade silicon. How does the Penomet Pump Works ? The pump should be used with water. Using a conventional air vacuum penis enlargement pumps compresses and expands air without enlarging the penis equally resulting in enlargement of some areas but not others. The revolutionary pump overcomes this by problem by using water and delivers equal pressure and volume inside the cylinder. It comes with 5 interchangeable gaiters which allow you to gradually increase the pressure and achieve gains up to 65% faster than devices with just 1 gaiter setting. What types of pumps are available ? Penomet is a great male enhancement pump that guarantees results in just 15 minutes. Check out the list below to learn about its powerful specifications. Interchangeable gaiters – The gaiters come in different sizes as they are designed to exert different types of forces to safely increase the pressure of the device. The change in pressure setting gives us the ability to increase the size of our member. It is recommended to increase the force of the pump over time. Delivers equal volume and pressure – Ordinary pumps that use air vacuum pumps compress and expand air unevenly, so some parts of the penis are enlarged while the other areas are not. To address the said issue, this pump uses water to provide equal volume and pressure within the cylinder. Thus, the entire penis is enlarged in the same proportion. Easy to clean – This pump has replaceable gaiters, so yes, it is designed with removable gaiters, which makes cleaning a breeze.

For the same reason, the doctors prescribed penis pumps initially. Better sex – Since a better flow of blood takes place into the penis (mentioned above), the sexual drive will last longer and you will get better orgasms. The results may differ from one user to the other; however, you will experience a better sexual performance due to the betterment of blood flow. Temporary and permanent results – The gains that you will experience originally may not be long-lasting. With an increased use of Penomet, your penis will get bigger. You will not get immediate results, but will have to wait patiently for it. Let me explain you about the permanent gains. Temporary gains are usually 0.6 inches along the length (the condition is same even now); however, they normally last many hours after the bath. Before using Penomet, the initial size of the penis was 5.8 inches. According to the manufacturer, you can gain 1 to 3 inches with long-term usage, of which the first inch will grow within 1 to 3 months.

Penomet Penis Pump – Is This The Best One? Get Rid of Premature Ejaculation FOREVER ? Kick Impotence Out Of Your Life? Make Your Penis Grow 3 Solid INCHES? We will discus the Penomet Penis Pump in a second! While most men are reluctant to discuss such a personal matter as the size of their penis, it nevertheless can be an area of much concern. Many have, or feel that they have, a small penis. Although statistics are difficult to obtain, this is thought to be a common complaint among men of all ages and backgrounds. Eventually, after having seen and perhaps tried products offered on the Internet or in magazine ads, many have come to feel even touchier about the subject, and more unwilling to talk about it. Unless a person falls into that rare super-confident male category that cheerfully feels it got more than its share of masculinity, most men wonder about themselves at times. Many perfectly normal men have been sidelined for life from the trauma one such derisive comment can make upon a person’s psyche.

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